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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Job Market in Melbourne

My first job here is: Job Seeker.

Applied many many jobs, sent many many emails to all the job but so far nothing comes back.

If you would like to find out how the job market works in Melbourne, I think I can only provide 10% insight of what I had encountered so far.

Prospect employers look for potential employees who has specialised skills, not like what we used to do, bao gah liao (jack of all trades, master of none) back in Sg or MY. You need to be really good in what you do and specialised in it. You can earn a very good salary here with very specialised and niche skills. If you qualify as a consultant, not by title, real consultant here can command a pay range of 100k to 150k. So, if you are reading this, be specialist in what you do before moving here.

People like me who used to bao gah liao, need to bite the bullet to start somewhere again. Be prepared to start a fresh again, don't have high expectations and put down all the pride that you have and learn to walk again.

Pray that God will open a door for me soon.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Scrapbook.. the book that has lots of thoughts in it.

The book that we read together and into each word that you wrote.

The little instant photo that you had attached, the bookmarks, every stroke of your writings has become so dear to us that no matter how heavy our luggage are, we took it with us.

When we miss you, we will take it out and open the page that you had written, recalling the time we had experienced with you and the rest.

Sending us off...

Crying is a way of expressing sadness and also gladness.
As the plane takes off from the runway and the landing gear retracted from  the soil of Singapore, the higher the altitude, our heart sank deep, very deep, missing all of you. We cried on board. We just cried. I cried as I am writing this.

We know some of our best friends could not make it to the airport because of their busy schedule, it is ok, my friend. We will remember you in our heart, not because you didn't turn up but you as our friend. Nothing more nothing less, our friend.

Those who went to the airport, as you know, I am not a person who say alot, my heart sank deep as we walked towards the immigration checkpoint. It went deep, to the deepest I had ever experience. I tried to swallow it in as much as I can. I will remember all of you, all your faces and you are so dear to both of us.

Many firsts here.

The header photo that you see on top of this blog is taken 4 years ago, on the way to Great Ocean Road, one of the pit-stop. Now I have arrived here 3 weeks ago. Finally dream come true.

I had made few firsts here.

  1. Buy a car by cash.
  2. Attend a high school musical night
  3. Sleep in winter (real winter)
  4. Clean dog urine and poo
  5. Experience really expensive parking fee (AUD$4.50 for an hour)
I think the list will continue to grow. Lots of new experiences.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Toyota Corolla Altis Car Servicing (After warranty)

Got my 2nd hand Toyota Corolla Altis version 2007 (before facelift version) about one month ago, so the next important things to do are tyre change and car service for the new old car that I bought.

After much considerations, I decided to change all four tyres and check the brake pad as the safety is important to me and my wife. I decided to use Michelin XM1 which they claim to be fuel-efficient and long lasting. Change 2 wheels in Singapore and another 2 in JB. Singapore costs me $118 per piece (all-in) and JB costs me RM 220 per piece.

Next, I went to searched online for the best out of warranty Toyota service that is trustworthy and professional. Searched many days, decided to go back to BM Toyota Singapore to service and the price is not cheap for 60,000 servicing, it costs almost $400 for the major servicing as mentioned in the car manual.

Not giving up with this only choice, I found this service centre - Autosaver that is specialized on servicing major brands, Toyota, Honda and Nissan. The price is reasonable, $210 and they followed the car manual servicing guides. So I sent my car to the Toh Guan branch and got it service. All is well and no major parts replacement, phew~~

So, all essential service and replacement done, it is time to hit the long drive up north! woo hoo!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cell Phone Radiation linked to brain cancer?

Tuesday's news reads this, WHO reported that the cell phone is a "possible carcinogen" to the brain.
How true is that? Nobody has a solid measurement or findings to prove that.

But I am not taking any chance then. I am using as much handsfree kit and putting the cell phone away from me as much as I can.

If you are interested to know how much your phone's emitting radiation?
Check here : *It is their own study, not mine, definitely.

Hmm... just too bad that Iphone 3GS that I am using now is not on the 10 LEAST radiating phone.

*Taken from Environmental Working Group Website.

1. LG Quantum [AT&T]

2. Casio EXILIM [Verizon Wireless]

3. Sanyo Katana II [Kajeet]

4. Pantech Breeze II (P2000) [AT&T, AT&T GoPhone]

5. Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S) [CellularONE, U.S. Cellular]

6. Samsung Fascinate [Verizon Wireless]

7. Samsung SGH-a197 [AT&T GoPhone]

8. Samsung Contour (SCH-R250) [MetroPCS]

9. Samsung Gravity T (SGH-T669) [T-Mobile]

10. Samsung SGH-T249 [T-Mobile]

* Updated December 2010.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Found a good and cheap hotel in Taipei for family size of 4 to stay.

Reasonable price, cost me NT$3200 per night for 4 pax.
Stayed there for 5 nights.

The hotel website : 儂安時尚會舘
You may also book the hotel via 

If you are worried about privacy, the hotel actually is separated into 2 sections, low floor rooms and high floor rooms. High floor rooms are for long stay, full service stay.

Their bathroom is European style with a bathtub and shower, no separate bathing area. The design of the hotel is modern and clean.

They include breakfast, western breakfast in the hotel rate, so if you don't want to eat at the hotel, you can ask them to reduce the hotel room rate.

You can walk to the hotel from the nearest ZhongShan Elementary School MRT station (LuZhou line, completed not long, you might not find it on Google map) for about 500m.
Unfortunately, non of the major airport public bus pass by this area, so either you get to Taipei Main Railway station and then change to MRT to get there.

Overall, I find it is convenient to stay at the hotel, nearby there are 7-11, supermarkets and food street. Nice area but it was an ex red light district, it is ex, now it is clean. =D